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Bill Irvine is offering private instruction
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     The private instructional period is 14 hours long, with the student choosing the number of hours per session, times, and days of the week that best fits their schedule. This allows the student to participate in many other activities available in San Miguel. Most students prefer to spend about 3 hours per day and 3 days per week. All that is required is one days notice to reserve the torch station. The cost for 14 hours of instruction is $2700 Pesos ($185 USD). This fee includes all materials to make as many beads as you desire and any jewelry making supplies.

After the instructional period of 14 hours the artist can rent a torch station for $120 Pesos (less than $9 USD) per hour. This fee includes all the tools, torch and fuels needed to make beads. Glass is not included and is available for purchase at the studio. Free demonstrations and minimal instruction is also available to renting artists as part of the rental fee.

Jewelry making instruction is also a major part of the studio's function. For the same rental fee ($120 Pesos per hour), the student can learn jewelry design and construction. Most of the materials needed are included in the instructional fee and of course, the student uses their hand made beads.

The studio has 4 torch stations to accommodate new students and renting artists. The studio is available, by appointment, Monday through Saturday (Sunday in special circumstances) from 10:00 to 5:00.
San Miguel de Allende
Sam Miguel de Allende is a wonderful city to visit and has been noted in Conde Naste magazine and Trip Advisor as the top vacation spot in Mexico. Everything in San Miguel is within walking distance and taxis are less than $3 to anywhere you need to go. The studio is located in the nicest Colonia in the city. We can help you with hotel reservations and lodging if you decide to visit. So come experience Mexico and Bead Making.

          To have your questions answered, see some of my beads, or show me some of yours, contact:  Bill Irvine   bill.irvine@yahoo.com  


Bill Irvine

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